ESPN writer makes a bold draft day prediction for Arizona Cardinals

This would be quite the risky scenario for Monti Ossenfort and the Cardinals' front office.
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

This is the time of year in the NFL where constant predictions are made for each team in the league. Whether a team has a bright future or is in trouble with cap space/draft capital, anything can occur in this league which is what makes it fun and exciting. In the NFC West, the Arizona Cardinals are viewed as the little sibling that is looking to get back to the big table and make another run at the playoffs. It was just two seasons ago that they were a playoff team.

This is a crucial offseason for general manager Monti Ossenfort to improve the future of the Cardinals. ESPN writer Aaron Schatz came out with a a piece about bold moves and trades in free agency for all 32 NFL teams. When it comes to the Cardinals, Schatz explains how most mock drafts have the Cardinals selecting Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. which would be the obvious choice at the fourth overall pick. However, Schatz made a bold prediction that the Cardinals could do is trade down from number four to gain extra draft capital to rebuild the defense (which could very well include a future first round pick from another team).

This sure is a bold prediction and it will all depend on what the Cardinals do in free agency. If Ossenfort is able to bring in quality defensive veterans, this scenario may not even have to happen. Although, if the Cardinals are not able build up the defense before the draft, conversations are going to spark about other avenues to take to build for the future.

Depending on how much draft capital the Cardinals are able to acquire for the fourth pick, it really comes down to whether or not those picks are going to be better than a player like Harrison Jr. who has proved in college that he is pro ready for the league. If the Cardinals do decide to trade down with Harrison Jr. still on the board, Ossenfort better make sure he addresses the other positions of need or there will be a lot of explaining to do.