Free agent moves from NFC West teams that should worry Cardinals fans

Cardinals fans will need to prepare for a tough reality against the rest of the NFC West with these moves.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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The NFC West has had its ups and downs across the board with each team in the division. Lately, it has been the San Francisco 49ers that have taken control of the division due to the fact they have the best overall roster in the division, and arguably in the league as well. The Los Angeles Rams took their medicine from going all in for a Super Bowl and rebounded by hitting on the draft the last two seasons and clinching a playoff birth last season. The Seattle Seahawks have had unexpected success since trading away Russell Wilson and have also hit on their draft picks that they received from the Denver Broncos. Then there is the Arizona Cardinals, who in 2021 were a playoff team, but then came crumbling down once Kyler Murray tore his ACL late in the 2022 season.

Through the first major wave of the NFL legal tampering period and the official start of the new year, there have been countless number of signings across the league. Within in the NFC West, the Cardinals will be facing familiar faces and seeing new faces across from them twice a year next season. There are signings that the Rams, 49ers and Seahawks have done that puts pressure on the Cardinals on how to respond.

Here are the free agent signings that other NFC West teams have made that should worry Cardinals fans.