What jerseys are the Arizona Cardinals wearing for their season finale vs. the Seahawks?

The Arizona Cardinals are ending the 2023 season this Sunday vs. the Seahawks, so what jerseys have they decided to wear for the occasion?
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals will break out their red jerseys for the seventh and final time in the regular season, and nine times total when you count the preseason. Arizona has paired this look with their red pants in each of the nine times they have worn their red jerseys, and the same thing is the case for Week 18. 

This will prevent us from seeing another “modern classic” that the white pants paired with the red jersey would have brought, so perhaps they will mix things up next season. Back in 2020, the New England Patriots used the same colored pants and jerseys for their home uniform combo, only to introduce alternate silver pants in 2022, so it’s not like we won’t eventually see the Cards follow suit, but with white. 

Earlier in the season, it looked as though we would see the red-on-red look more than any other as the Cards wore it for their first three games of the year. However, between Weeks 4 and 18, we only saw the combo appear four more times, with the popular icy whites predominantly taking center stage. 

Arizona Cardinals uniformed matchup for Week 18 is ‘meh’

The Cardinals and Seahawks boast a ‘middle of the road’ matchup aesthetics-wise, as Seattle decided to wear their best uniform combo with the white jersey and blue pants - or best next to their legendary throwbacks. But there are several better-looking matchups on the slate, with the Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs outing serving as the best of the week.

The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins tilt is another one that boasts better aesthetics than the Cardinals-Seahawks, as does the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams - especially if the latter wears its sol pants. Chicago and Green Bay always boast a good-looking matchup, and finally, the Browns and Bengals will give us a more underrated but good-looking game.

Overall, the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks take roughly the sixth spot on the list, and once upon a time, this uniformed matchup was horrific. Therefore, we can at least be gracious that while it’s not the best-looking matchup on the slate, it’s nowhere near one of the worst.


Source: Gridiron-Uniforms