Could Michael Bidwill be forced to sell the Arizona Cardinals?

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It looks like Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill could have landed himself in a lot of trouble, per multiple reports across the NFL.

Just over 24 hours ago, I wrote an article that made the case for Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill to sell the team. Literally an hour or so after publication, allegations came against Bidwill, of “gross misconduct,” from former VP Terry McDonough. 

In a time like this, it is also possible there is a chance even more allegations could come to the forefront. But of course, at this point, I would like to stress that these allegations are just that: allegations, and nothing could ultimately come from them following an eventual and thorough investigation into the claim. 

However, I also want to give my thoughts on what will occur if Bidwill is indeed guilty due to the severity of the allegations. And these are thoughts that I based on recent allegations involving other owners of professional sports teams. 

Will Michael Bidwill be forced to sell the Arizona Cardinals?

Judging from the allegations outlined in ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s article on the subject, I’m going to lie: they’re serious. They also stem beyond Bidwill’s alleged treatment of McDonough, as the piece also touches on how former head coach Steve Wilks is involved, along with abusive actions toward team employees. 

We’ve seen recent examples of allegations of misconduct in the workplace regarding other professional sports owners. These include former Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, and Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. 

Matt Ishbia ultimately took over the Suns, while Snyder is on his way out. That said, recent history is not on Bidwill's side when it comes to keeping the team under his control. If these allegations are true, I foresee the NFL ordering Bidwill to relinquish control of, and to subsequently sell the Cardinals. 

Time will be the ultimate indicator of whether Bidwill is convicted of these allegations, and I will give further thoughts as more information comes to the forefront. But as it stands, things aren’t looking great for the Cardinals owner. 

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