NFL Mock Draft 5.0: Arizona Cardinals swap with Las Vegas, New England

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Quentin Johnson
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11 - Tennessee Titans: Quentin Johnston, WR/TCU

It’s no secret the Tennessee Titans lacked talent at the position last season after they traded A.J. Brown. They will remedy that with Quentin Johnston and hope he can evolve into a true WR1. 

12 - Houston Texans: Myles Murphy, DE/Edge/Clemson

There are four cornerstones to the most successful NFL franchises. Obviously, the quarterback is one of them, along with a franchise left tackle. The other two comprise either a star receiver or running back, and the fourth, a marquee pass rusher. The Texans hope Myles Murphy will fill that role with the twelfth overall pick. 

13 - New York Jets: Broderick Jones, OT/Georgia

There is no second-guessing it. The New York Jets look like they’re going all-in to try and claim the franchise’s first Super Bowl win since 1968. But first, there is work to be done, including drafting a young left tackle to keep presumably Aaron Rodgers upright. 

14 - Arizona Cardinals: Christian Gonzalez, CB/Oregon

And just like last week, the Arizona Cardinals will roll with Christian Gonzalez, who will become the first Cardinal to don the Number 0 in quite some time. But more importantly, the Redbirds will hope he allows zero big plays during his career with the team should they select him. 

Overall, this is not a likely scenario, but it’s one worth exploring and if I’m Monti Ossenfort, why not try it? The more picks the Cards get in the Top 100, the better off they will be long-term if Ossenfort can strike gold on the picks.

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