3 major observations from Arizona Cardinals training camp - August 8th

The Arizona Cardinals are inching closer to their first preseason game vs. the Denver Broncos, so they were in game prep mode on Tuesday.
WR Kaden Davis runs with the ball during the Arizona Cardinals' annual Red & White practice at
WR Kaden Davis runs with the ball during the Arizona Cardinals' annual Red & White practice at / Diannie Chavez/The Republic / USA TODAY

The Arizona Cardinals are now under 72 hours from kicking off their preseason, and once more, they had an eventful practice. Throughout camp, we have seen the intensity level heat up on certain days. And we have also seen more than a few rookies put on shows, so the overall vibe has been trending north. 

Did that continue on Tuesday, August 8th, a mere three days out from the preseason opener? Here are three major observations from that practice. 

3 observations from Arizona Cardinals camp - August 8th

1 - Marlon Mack suffers setback

Shortly after I published a Bold Predictions piece talking up Marlon Mack, we found out that there is a chance he won’t play this Thursday vs. the Denver Broncos. Of course, injuries were the catalyst in stagnating what was once a promising career for Mack, so let’s hope this one isn’t serious. 

The good news is that it’s still early, and Mack has already shown us what he can do for an Arizona Cardinals team that needs consistent productivity from its running backs. We will closely monitor the situation here at Raising Zona, and we hope Mack can return to the field as soon as possible.

Update: Mack appears to have a torn Achilles and is likely done for the 2023 season.

2 - Rookie Waves

While the Cardinals grace the bottom of almost every single power ranking, or are at least close to, it’s been a while since I’ve been so excited for the season to begin. Why? Because on teams that are supposed to do little and who also happen to be in Year 1 of a rebuild, they tend to have plenty of exciting young football players. 

Clayton Tune and Michael Wilson remain consistent pieces on the Cardinals, and it’s only a matter of time before they are playing regularly with the First Team - and no, that is not a bold prediction. At least not to the same extent as to when I wrote that Bold Predictions piece centered around Tune.

Dante Stills is another rookie who has been climbing the depth chart, and yes, the 213th overall pick saw action with the First Team. On a weak defensive line, someone needs to step up, and Stills might just be that player. 

3 - Passion Play

With the Denver game approaching, many players on the Arizona Cardinals roster know they are either a) auditioning for either a starting or a major role on the team, b) simply a spot on the team, or c) a spot on another team. So it’s no surprise to see some pushing and shoving past the whistle, which was the case among several offensive and defensive linemen on Tuesday. 

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, something Hjalte Froholdt stressed following practice. Look for that passion to carry into Friday as each player continues to try and separate themselves from the competition. 


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