Top 7 potential practice squad candidates for the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals will cut down to their final 53-man roster in just two short days. But there are plenty of potential practice squad candidates to re-sign.
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Owen Pappoe
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6 - Hayden Howerton, OL

Hayden Howerton showed more than enough throughout the preseason to warrant consideration for the 53-man roster. There just won’t be room on the final 53 unless Dennis Daley and Jon Gaines end up missing some time thanks to their respective injuries. 

If that’s the case, then expect Howerton to be a surprise addition this coming Tuesday. Like Gaines, Howerton can play center and guard, which gives him yet another box to check.

7 - Owen Pappoe, LB

Rarely do I put a recent draft pick onto a list like this, but Pappoe made minimal impact, logging just six combined tackles, and four solo. He won’t beat out Zeke Turner or Josh Woods, a pair of players who will contribute on special teams, and Woods at this point is the top rotational man. 

Undrafted rookie Kyle Soelle also had a better preseason, so Pappoe could easily be the odd man out here. But his draft status will at least warrant him a spot on the practice squad if not the final 53-man roster. It will be interesting to see how Ossenfort goes about this.


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