Predicting the Arizona Cardinals next four matchups after their 1-7 start

The Arizona Cardinals are 1-7, and this is often the time of the season to start talking about the draft. But Kyler Murray’s return will change that in 2023.
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Week 11: at Houston Texans

The Arizona Cardinals have a good reason to win this game: Beat the Houston Texans, and they are one step closer to getting a higher draft pick from the team they traded with back in April–and that’s the way it should be. Houston has been playing well for a team that supposedly lacked talent, so this one won’t be easy to win. 

Despite C.J. Stroud looking good, the Texans have collectively had a pedestrian offense. However, if there is one thing they do well, it’s keeping their quarterback’s uniform clean, as they have given up only 15 sacks in seven games, and it’s not like the Cardinals defense fares well against opposing offenses, so that could play to Houston’s advantage.

Their defense is also a top 10 unit, and once again, we could be looking at a lower-scoring game in Week 11. So the way things currently stand, Houston looks like the better team on paper, and they take this one despite Murray giving the Cardinals offense more life than we would have seen under guys like Joshua Dobbs.