Quarterback Jacoby Brissett would be the perfect backup to Kyler Murray

The backup quarterback position is more important that fans might think.

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One of the worst scenarios that can happen to an NFL team is their starting quarterback going down with an injury that sidelines them for most, if not all of the season. That scenario took place with the Arizona Cardinals in 2022 with Kyler Murray, who tore his ACL in December of the 2022 season against the New England Patriots. The Cardinals would then go into a dark place of their franchise for the 2023 season, where they would not have Murray for half of the 2023 season and had quarterbacks Josh Dobbs and Clayton Tune taking snaps until Murray's return.

Even though Murray returned and showed that he was able to step in and elevate the Cardinals' offense to finish the season, this situation that Arizona went through showed that the backup quarterback position is a very valuable spot on a football team.

Jacoby Brissett has been a backup journeyman throughout his NFL career, with a little bit of starting experience with the Indianapolis Colts. Drafted in 2016 by the New England Patriots, Brissett has been on 5 teams so far and he may be looking to sign with his sixth team. However, Brissett has shown to be a quality backup and can lead a team for a short stretch if needed. He brings veteran leadership experience and has completed over 62% of his throws the last three seasons in games he has played in.

With Murray's durability being potentially being limited for the 2024 season and beyond, the Cardinals are going to have to bring in someone who can step up should something happen to Murray again. Brissett is the perfect fit because he has proven to step in and keep the offense as smooth as possible and is an overall great teammate.

Maybe the Cardinals decide to develop Tune as their backup, but even just bringing in Brissett for competition purposes would not be the worst idea either. This would build up a backup quarterback competition and if Brissett were to win the job, the Cardinals would atleast have some stability in the quarterback room.