Ranking all 5 running backs on the Arizona Cardinals in 2023

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James Conner
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1 - James Conner

And finally, we got James Conner, whose Number One ranking should come as no surprise. When healthy, Conner has been a consistent player, who came on strong last season even if the Arizona Cardinals as a whole regressed. 

So far in his career with the Cards, Conner has 1,534 yards on 385 carries, good for a 4.0 average. He also has 22 rushing touchdowns, 83 receptions, 675 receiving yards, and four touchdowns through the air. 

If Conner can stay healthy throughout the 2023 season, he will be the team’s RB1 unless Ingram or Demercado exceed everyone’s wildest expectations. Therefore, look for Conner to remain a pivotal part of the offense, especially early on since quarterback Kyler Murray is expected to miss time during the season’s opening weeks. 

Overall, the Cardinals don’t have a strong group of running backs, but Conner is an exception. Further, Demercado is the most intriguing of the group, and don’t be surprised if he eventually works his way into an RB2 role.

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