Ranking three ideal trade offers Cardinals could get for No. 4 pick

It seems more likely than ever that the Cardinals move off that pick in April.
Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals
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2. Cardinals-Broncos Trade

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What BR said: "The Denver Broncos have not been at all shy about making splash trades. Two years ago, the team dealt for quarterback Russell Wilson and then signed him to a $243 million contract. In 2023, Denver acquired head coach Sean Payton from the New Orleans Saints ... With Wilson gone, the Broncos have a glaring need at quarterback and three choices—roll into 2024 with Jarrett "Not an NFL Starter" Stidham at quarterback, hope that McCarthy or Penix falls to them at No. 12, or get aggressive (again) and trade up."

Thoughts: BR brings up a good point in that it's an incredibly good year to have the 4th pick in a 3-QB class.

Teams will be scratching and clawing to either not miss out on whoever goes 3rd between Drake Maye and Jaylen Daniels, or desperate to get one of the QB4-6's in hopes that everyone's evaluation was wrong.

Even with how quickly things change in the NFL, getting the Broncos first-round pick in '25 looks pretty good – they're more than a QB away, especially if that QB isn't one of the truly elite talents. If you're confident enough to trade away the pick, you can probably be confident enough to bet on JJ McCarthy not being the Rookie of the Year.

1. Cardinals-Raiders Trade

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What BR said: "It wouldn't be an inexpensive move for the Raiders—a nine-pick jump is going to cost Las Vegas its first-rounder next year. For the Cardinals, staying inside the top 15 this year and grabbing an extra pick in 2025, while not quite as attractive as Minnesota's theoretical offer, would be a solid haul."

Thoughts: Of the presented options, this is probably the best one only because of how efficient it is in building draft capital. All the other trades had Arizona sending back additional picks – even ones in later rounds and later years. But still, they weren't getting new picks for nothing. Here, they get another shot in the first round (in 2025) simply for moving down nine spots.

It's kind of like the Vikings trade, but without giving up the 6th rounder. The Raiders are another team that seem safe enough to bet on a mid-to-high first round pick next year, and if they can get a fringe player or two while they're at it, all the better.

But the Raiders desperately want to start winning again, and that's perfect for the Cardinals.