Top 3 reasons why the Arizona Cardinals could move on from Kyler Murray in 2024

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3 - Murray returns, but plays poorly

We know Kyler Murray was bad last season in 2022. But following his ACL tear and subsequent rehab, we really don’t know if we’re going to get 2021 Kyler who led the Arizona Cardinals to the playoffs, or 2022 Kyler, who was pedestrian, at best. 

Ideally, we see Murray return to the lineup, play like a former number one overall pick, and head into 2024 knowing he’s the starting quarterback capable of living up to his contract. But if he can’t pull off the same plays he used to, which included rollouts, throwing perfect passes off his back foot, and improvising with his legs, then there is no way he will stay beyond 2023. 

Sure, his contract is a major obstacle, and looking at SpoTrac, that dead cap number looks alarming. Not that this would prevent the Cards from making a deal or releasing Murray following the season if any of the above scenarios occur, but it’s definitely something they must consider before making any move with a release or trade. 

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