3 terrible decisions the Arizona Cardinals made during the 2023 season

The Arizona Cardinals made quite a few questionable decisions during the 2023 season, but here are the three most pressing.

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Greg Dortch
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3 - Refusing to get Greg Dortch involved until Week 11

Greg Dortch finished seventh on the team in receptions in 2023, snagging 24 on 41 targets for 280 yards, and two touchdowns. And like McBride, Dortch played a pivotal role in the offense as the season wore on, yet that should have been the case all season

Between Weeks 1 and 10, Dortch barely saw the field and logged one reception on two targets for just two yards. His other 23 catches came between Weeks 11 and 18, giving him 3.28 in that span and even becoming a borderline deep threat at times. 

Despite his small size, 5’7, it’s more than clear that Dortch is an excellent route runner who can find himself creating separation, and he’s once again a cut above Rondale Moore, a former second-round pick with a similar build. While Moore had 40 receptions on 62 targets, he also finished with just 352 receiving yards, 8.8 yards per catch, and one receiving touchdown. 

Moore played a small role in the running game, but overall, his 7.8 yards per touch in an all-purpose setting paled behind Dortch’s 11.4. If the Arizona Cardinals are to keep one of these two, it should be no contest: Dortch is the guy through and through. 


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