This Arizona Cardinals Fan Will Be Rooting for the Niners to Win It All

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The Niners are a team that do all of the fundamentals well.  And they actually are a very likable team, even if they have had the Arizona Cardinals number in many of the recent games they have played.

If the Niners do make it to the Super Bowl, it also might finally quiet the critics who are always talking about how weak the NFC West is.  (As an aside, it is interesting to note that the playoff bound NFC West teams have won the first game they have played in the playoffs for seven straight years now!)

Everyone has been talking about the Niners defense, but in their victory against the New Orleans Saints this past weekend, it was pinpoint passing by Alex Smith in the clutch that won the game for them. Drew Brees shredded the San Francisco defense for 462 yards passing and 4 touchdowns, so their defense in fact will have to play a lot better if the Niners want to advance any further in the playoffs.

We’ll see what happens in their next matchup on Sunday next week.


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