Best Kept Secret in Madden Nation


I know alot of you Madden enthusiasts do not play with the Arizona Cardinals as your team…..but you are making a big mistake. I am a gamer as well, I love Madden 07 and can’t wait for Madden 08 to come out. If any of you played with the Cards there were only three things you had to do to win:

1. Immediately substitute Matt Leinart in for Kurt Warner, even as a rookie in the game he makes a huge impact.

2. Throw bomb after bomb to Fitz and Boldin; no team has anybody who can stop both of them. Maybe DeAngelo Hall or Champ Bailey matches up on one, but the other is gonna be money, they’re unstoppable.

3. Then once you have someone on their heels looking for the pass, give it up to Edgerrin James on the draws or out of the backfield.

I’m telling you, the Cards are the best kept secret in the Madden Nation just because they are the Cards and therefore get disrespected.

Mike Duggan – AZCardsfan4life
Post Editor