Good to be back!!!


Well, alot has changed in the past two weeks while I’ve been gone doing the Army thing. I am really glad to have such a great writer in Darin Bushey contributing to this site, all of your posts are great!!! Be sure to check out all the blog pages in the network to get the overall picture of what’s going on in the league as we march towards the 2007 season.

But I haven’t been neglecting the site completely. As our staff mentioned before in one of our posts, there was a possibility of having contributions to the site from the AZ Cards cheerleaders…well MERRY CHRISTMAS because I’m happy to say that we’re gonna make it happen. Starting next week, we will have regular posts from the AZ Cards Cheer Alumni organization. These will range from stories of pillow fights to initiation ceremonies to…well maybe not.

But they will include stories from the tryouts, stories traveling with the team, etc. And of course, MANY PICTURES, but all in good taste. Make no mistake, these girls are Cards fans through and through, and they are pumped about this team and the fans in Arizona. Look for the first contribution very soon.


Mike Duggan