Give the man his dues


Today on Foxsports Adam Schein posted an article entitled the Schein’s Nine: Most Underrated Stars. And wouldn’t you know it, Adrian Wilson, the Arizona Cardinals’ all pro safety was right at the top of the list. Here’s what Schein had to say about him:

Adrian Wilson
It perplexes me to see lists of upper echelon safeties without the Cardinals star somewhere near the very top. Adrian Wilson changes games and gets the ball back for his high-powered offense. He’s registered 13 sacks the past 2 years from the safety position. Last season he had four interceptions and forced four fumbles. Plus, he is the defensive leader and pulse for Arizona. Talking to Wilson this week, he sees big things ahead for the Cardinals this year with the new attitude under Ken Whisenhunt. I agree. And that will get Wilson more recognition.

Adam Schein knows it, the fans in Arizona know it, broadcasters around the country know it, and opposing offensive coordinators know it: Adrian Wilson is a marquee safety, among the top 5 best in the NFL. Yet somehow, when great secondary players are discussed his name is omitted from the conversation. Two years ago he set an NFL record with 8 sacks, the most ever by a DB, and how did the critics respond? They said he was basically a linebacker and was soft on pass defense and that’s what kept him out of the pro bowl. So what did he do for an encore? He had 5 sacks, 4 interceptions (one returned 98 yds for a TD), 4 forced fumbles (one also returned 99 yds for a TD) and 87 tackles and finally got picked to go to Hawaii in February.

Adrian Wilson is the leader of this defense, he is a game changing player. Darin wrote a post just like this one dated 02 June and cited an article written by Matt Moseley from ESPN, calling Wilson the games most underrated defensive player. Wilson is one of the best, if not the best safety in the NFL. And you don’t hear him running his mouth about not getting respect, you know why?


Mike Duggan