View from the Endzone: Not Just a Cheerleader!


Our very own Bari is back to make a few things very clear, she is more than just a cheerleader!

People always ask “So, why did you retire?” as if cheerleading was a full time job for me. Now this is not their fault that they think being an NFL Cheerleader is a full time gig, it is merely just a misconception that I want to educate all of you Arizona Cardinals fans on!!

Being an NFL Cheerleader takes a lot of time and commitment, but I would say one of the biggest issues that NFL cheerleaders face at first is time-management. When you first start off everything seems overwhelming, but after a few months, NFL cheerleaders become pros at managing their time and schedules. You see fans, when you become a part of this elite squad, you not only have the requirements that come with being a cheerleader like practices, games, volunteer work, and appearances, you also are required to be a student or hold a full time job, and many girls do both!!

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen girls studying right before practice for a big test the next day or pull all-nighters after practice during finals week! I mean, I was right there myself when I was attending ASU, and boy it was challenging. But that’s what it takes to be an NFL cheerleader; you need the drive, the discipline, and the desire to succeed on multiple levels simultaneously!! It’s no wonder that when NFL Cheerleaders retire they move on to become lawyers, entrepreneurs, heads of companies, and business owners. So next time you see one of the lovely ladies of the 2007 squad out at an appearance, ask them what they do because you never know, one of them may end up being your boss one day!!!

Bari 🙂