One More To Go…..


With the start of the regular season less than two weeks away, the Arizona Cardinals want to see some big things out of the backups in their preseason finale against the Denver Broncos tomorrow night. The starters are only set to play two series at most, as this game is all about helping the coaching staff determine the final roster.

On Monday, the Cards cut a total of 8 players. These cuts by the team added to the 3 players that have already been placed on injured reserve, bringing the total number of players cut or off the roster for the 2007 season to 11. By September 1st, every NFL team has to get their roster down to 53 players. That means that 21 more players will have to be let go by Saturday. Here’s a list of the fallen so far:

Cut from Team Roster
1. Hanik Milligan, WR
2. Todd Watkins, WR
3. Greg Lee, WR
4. Travarous Bain, CB
5. Ray Blagman, DT
6. John Bronson, TE
7. Jon Hameister-Reis, OG
8. Ricky Schmitt, K

Listed on Injured Reserve (IR)
1. Ahmad Merritt, WR
2. Oliver Ross, OT
3. Chike Okeafor, OLB

While it is never any easy thing to cut a player, the Coach Whisenhunt and his staff know it is about having the best players on your team who can give you the best chance to win. So if you’re tuning in to this game don’t look for a big dose of Matt Leinart, Edgerrin James or any of the other stars on the team. What you’re going to see is a bunch of guys going all out to try to showcase their skills in the hopes of becoming a member of a professional football team. That more than likely means that the Cards will suffer their fourth defeat of the preseason.

But remember this, the New Orleans Saints were 1-3 in the preseason last year, and the Indianapolis Colts are 2-13 over the last 3 preseasons and both of those teams are in pretty good shape.

So if we lose don’t sweat it……………unless you’re a guy trying to make the final cut.

Mike Duggan