Meet Mad Jack – The No. 1 Cards Fan


If you’re any kind of Arizona Cardinals fan than you have seen the banner which is proudly displayed at every single home game. You know, the banner that hangs above the endzone and has a different slogan printed on top of the Arizona state flag. Well, I got to meet the one guy who is responsible for designing it during my weekend in AZ – Meet Mad Jack.

Mad Jack (pictured right) and me standing in front of the banner (on the ground)

Jack is the only Cards fan allowed to hang a banner in the stadium, and he’s been doing so for years. Ever since the team played under the scorching heat of Sun Devil Stadium, Jack’s banner has been flying proudly for the Cards. Every week, 30 minutes prior to kickoff the team officials come and pick up the banner from him where he has it on display next to his tailgating tent outside the stadium. They then hang it up in the endzone and return it to him after the game is over so he can design the next week’s banner. He takes the suggestions from the fans on the Cards forums and uses them every week. He only has a few rules.

“No profanity, no inappropriate or lewd comments, and no ragging the other team. It’s important to say the right thing”, according to Jack and that doesn’t include poor sportsmanship. “You don’t need any of that.” And for those of you who didn’t catch what Jack put on last week’s banner for the home opener against Seattle, it just had 5 simple words: THE WIN STREAK STARTS TODAY!

Let’s hope so. The next time you take a look down the field in University of Phoenix Stadium, checkout the colors hanging right above the endzone. Maybe Mad Jack will put up something you told him to say……GO CARDS!!!

Mike Duggan