ESPN’S Jeff Chadiha: Turning Over the Right Cards


ESPN Senior NFL writer Jeff Chadiha posted a great article on that probably only ten people read because it was about the Arizona Cardinals. Here’s just a sample of the things he was spinning:

“This may sound warped, but there is one upside to the fractured collarbone that ended the season of Arizona quarterback Matt Leinart: It allows the focus to shift away from the Cardinals’ crazy quarterback situation and to the fact that this is a vastly improved team.

Even with the loss of Leinart, who had been sharing snaps with Kurt Warner over the past three weeks, the Cardinals should contend for a playoff spot. They’re already tied with Seattle for the NFC West lead with a 3-2 record. And so far, there’s been little reason to think that’s a fluke…..”

I think this is great because it is an article about how good this TEAM IS! Football is a team sport! Yes you have your playmakers, but it is the overall team effort that gets it done on Sundays. The Cards have had extremely talented players for a long time now, but they have still languished in the basement of the league because they werent’ finding a way to bring all of the talent together.

But now they seem to be finding a way to win as a team, and Jeff Chadiha thinks that is entirely due to new head coach Ken Whisenhunt and his concept of accountability that he brought to the desert. CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

It’s just great for this team to get some good pub once in a while. GO CARDS!! Get it done tomorrow boys!!

Mike Duggan