Cards Need a Spark to Get Going: Enter Anquan Boldin


Alright, in the past two weeks the Arizona Cardinals have lost six players to injury, all of them key players! First it was WR Anquan Boldin and OT Levi Brown; next it was starting QB Matt Leinart; then in week six it was back up QB Kurt Warner, FS Aaron Francisco, and ILB Karlos Dansby. Let me take back what I said earlier, those aren’t just key players, THEY ARE DIFFERENCE MAKERS! These six guys mean that much to this team, they are the difference between a playoff caliber team and a top ten draft pick. After having to come off the bench in relief of the injured Warner, newly signed back up Tim Rattay did not blow anybody away with his performance. But honestly, for how long he had to prepare, I was actually pretty impressed with how well he handled the offense. None of those 3 interceptions were his fault, and the nine second half penalties that were committed will kill any team.

Edgerrin James played very well and scored on 23 yard bull rush into the endzone to cap off an 80 yard drive for his fourth TD of the season. The problem was that Carolina keyed on him in the second half and never let him get going, knowing that Rattay would struggle to find rhythm with the receivers in the passing game. And now with the news that Warner is likely to sit out the next two weeks (Washington & bye week), again teams will focus on shutting James down. So how can we get it going on offense? Six Words: GIVE THE BALL TO BOLDIN BABY!!

That’s right boys and girls, according to team sources it appears that Q will be returning to the lineup following a three week absence due to a hip injury. This guy is the catalyst for everything we do on offense. We tailor game plans for him because of what he can do when he gets the ball in his hands. He is the spark that gets everyone fired up and can break a game wide open because of his physical style of play. Now Rattay will have two go to guys in Larry Fitzgerald and Boldin against a very tough Washington defense. Without Boldin in the line up I feel our team is at about 50% effectiveness, despite having all of the other weapons because that is how important he is to this team.

With boldin in the line-up………well I think we can do anything!! GO CARDS!! WELCOME BACK Q!!

Mike Duggan