Fantasy Football: Week 8 Update


Alright, we are more than half way done with the season now, and so far it doesn’t look like anybody is going to be able to put the stop on BengalKILL0605. I mean the guy has Tom Brady and Randy Moss for Christ’s sake! I think the only chance any of us have is when the Pats go to their bye week.

But anyway, here’s the rundown on the standings after 8 weeks of play:

1. BengalKILL0605 (8-0)*
2. Kobra Kai (6-2)
3. Your Hero (5-3)
4. Red Bird Rage (5-3)
5. TJ Howsyurvanillas (4-4)
6. The Fantastic Fitzgeralds (4-4)
7. Frank West’s Avengers (3-5)
8. The Boondock Saints (2-6)
9. DC Fingerbangers (2-6)
10. The Tight Ends (1-7)

* Indicates that BengalKILL0605 has clinched a playoff berth

As you can see, not going so well for our most loyal Cards fan who is the fantasy owner of The Tight Ends. But I give her absolute props for sticking by our guys! Now we’ve got 6 weeks until the playoffs start, only the top eight will move on into the playoffs.

Technically everyone is still in it, but 4 teams can also clinch a spot in the playoffs right along side Bengal man next week. Check back after week 10 for our next update.


Mike Duggan