Regarding Matt Leinart


It's been 10 days since the Arizona Cardinals held their first practice and many people have already chimed in on what they think about current starting quarterback Matt Leinart.  Word is, he doesn't look so great in practice so far, although he has appeared to improve somewhat over time.  As Ron Wolfley, Sports 620 radio host and Cards radio color analyst, puts it, he is what appears to be a "gamer".  That means he is someone who is a much better player on Sunday's rather than the rest of the week.

Does it matter if he is any good in practice?  Do we even care how he looks after only 10 days of facing his own team?  Some say yes, some say no.  Personally, show me the money, meaning, show me the in-game play.  I could give a rats ass how he looks in practice.  As long as he is producing on Sunday's, that's all I care about and that's all anyone should care about.

I realize as of right now, we have nothing else to go on.  Seriously though, we need to give Leinart a chance ot pass or fail, starting this Saturday at home against the Houston Texans.  If he fails this Saturday, which, given the amount of time he will actually see in the game, please don't start calling for Derek Anderson, even if Anderson performs well.  He is going to get about the same amount of time Leinart will.

I need to see consistent results before I start really analyzing Leinart one way or the other.  Sure, I will give my opinion on how he looked after each preseason game, but until they lace it up for real, we must give him chance.  Kurt Warner he ain't, but he ain't no slouch either.