Have a Pulse? You Too Can Win Rookie of the Week


Clearly the NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Week contest is a popularity contest.  There can be no other reason why Arizona Cardinals quarterback Max Hall won the award this week.

During the week I spelled out my reasons for why Hall would have a tough time winning.  The other four candidates made statistical contributions to their teams that had a huge effect on their teams outcomes.  I'm not saying Hall played bad by any stretch.  In fact, I saw a lot more good than bad from Hall against the New Orleans Saints.

I know there was a huge push by some local media to get Hall some votes.  Amazingly enough, it was the same local media who questioned whether Hall really helped the team win last week.  So clearly, this became a popularity contest and I absolutely hate voting for the "popular" person.  I always vote for the "best" person, whether he is "my guy" or not.

So, by voting Hall for the award this week, he should be a candidate and win every week.  They might as well re-name it the Max Hall Award of the Week.  I guess the criteria for being a candidate is pretty loose.  Throw for at least 100 yards, don't create too many turnovers, and don't lose your game.  However his numbers are very average.  No touchdowns.  He did show great energy and great toughness and he definitely deserves to get a shot at being the starter and continuing to do so in Seattle next week.  However, he can thank his defense for this award this week.