Favre a Liability for Vikings


Brett Favre has finally found someone to take him off the front page of Minnesota Vikings news for a couple of days, thanks to castoff receiver Randy Moss.  Moss, who was outspoken after the Vikings loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, was officially waived today.

Moss, who only spent four weeks in Minnesota, has created the distraction Brett Favre was looking for, making us all forget for a couple of days, about his selfishness attitude in playing quarterback for the Vikings this past weekend.  It also made us forget about his potential scandal that has made headline news over the past few weeks.  I'm not here to judge on things off the field.  On the field, I'm your guy.

Favre, who will start this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, left the Patriots game thanks to a gash on his chin that gave him 10 stitches.  I say karma is a bitch, ain't it Mr. Favre?

Even though Favre was cleared to play and had a walking boot removed and had his shoe filled with concrete or something ridiculous like that.  He was hobling around in the Green Bay game the week before like a 41-year old gimp should when he's injured.  Except he was still taking NFL hits.  Now, I admire his courage.  We get it Brett.  You're a strong person.  You are there for your teammates.  You would have better served your team by sitting on Sunday.  yet, you still played and still lost and got knocked out of the game anyway.  Where did that get you?

I realize Tavaris Jackson is about as much the answer in Minnesota as Derek Anderson is in Arizona, but clearly for the better of your team Brett, a team that I remind you is now 2-5, worse than the Cards, stop being so selfish.  Of course, you can't take all the blame.  You can thank your head coach Brad Childress for that as well.  He is the one that really should be blamed.  All week, he was leaning towards keeping you out.  He clearly wimped out and gave you yet another start.  I'm still trying to figure out why he was so hip to bringing you back.  We've had enough of you Brett.  You were a great player, no doubt.  It's time to set aside your pride, your selfishness, and sit or better yet, just retire, for good.

That being said, we know you're playing on Sunday and I hope Calais Campbell lays you out...with a legal hit of course.

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