Cardinals Officially on Television Sunday


Go figure.  The Arizona Cardinals get blown out at home to the San Francisco 49'ers on Monday night, this week host the St. Louis Rams who are two games better than you in the standings and the game is sold out.

That's a testament to the Cardinals fans I'd hope to see.  Or that could also be a bunch of Cards fans who already bought their tickets.  I suppose we will find out which it is come Sunday.  It will continue the streak of games sold out since University of Phoenix Stadium opened in 2006.  I probably would not expect a very warm audience on Sunday.

The way I see it is you will have a lot of boo birds show up, if they show up at all.  With virtually no chance to do anything with the season, the Cards have pride to play for.  I know so many of you wish for the reason of the season to end up with losses so the Cards can get the best draft pick possible.  However for the franchise current and for the future of this team it is important for the Cards to finish strong.  That doesn't mean win the rest of the games, but just be competitive, something the Cards haven't been for a full game in over a month.

By the way, sellouts are predicted for the remaining home games against the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys as well.  Well, at least that's something, right?