Cards QB position finally settled? Only time will tell.


Months of trade speculation have finally come to an end. The Cardinals have gambled and acquired quarterback Kevin Kolb from the Eagles at the cost of popular cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DRC) and a 2nd round draft pick. Hard to remember a comparable trade rumor that has stretched out for such a long time and proved to be 100% accurate in the end. If you’ll recall, the speculation picked up serious momentum as far back as last season when Michael Vick was named the starting quarterback in Philadelphia. Those rumors subsided and Kolb settled into his role as a high profile backup to the NFL 2010 Comeback Player of the Year. Even at the time, it seemed to be common knowledge that Kolb aspired to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and that it wouldn’t take long for him to relocate. The list of potential suitors was relatively short and the Cardinals were always the name that kept popping up and seemed to stick. This deal was all but guaranteed, in fact, pretty sure a few radio knuckleheads actually did guarantee it. Assuming that you can be called a knucklehead for being correct. Anyways, we’ve seen this coming but held our breath until the lockout was lifted and the deal could be finalized.

Now that the trade has been made, strangely, many in the media have chosen to criticize the Cardinals saying that they gave up too much. However, while the trade was being discussed, most of the chatter was saying how the Cardinals needed to make the move and that Kolb was the franchise quarterback that the Cards have been desperately looking for. So who is right? Only time will tell. But one thing is for certain – you have to give something to get something.

Clearly the Cardinals have soured on what DRC brings to the table. If not, then the price would have truly been too high. Regardless of the skill-set that Kolb possesses, there is a lot of risk involved for the Cardinals because he’s relatively unproven. There’s really no price too high to acquire a true cornerstone at the NFL’s most important position. The problem is that no one knows whether Kolb will be that missing piece. If he proves to be a leader and elite quarterback that leads the Cardinals to the playoffs year in and year out, then this is an amazing deal. If Kolb struggles and we’re immediately looking for answers, then obviously the trade is a colossal mistake. People can critique the trade all they want, but Kolb’s play on the field is going to provide the answer. For every Peyton Manning sure thing, there’s a Tom Brady that comes out of nowhere. Each capable of winning multiple Super Bowls. We can only hope Kolb is the next Tom Brady.