Goodbye DRC, You Will Be Missed


I will miss Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and he goes out with a lot of class as documented in his official statement upon leaving the Arizona Cardinals found here

My two best memories of him were:

1) The 99-yard interception against Rams which clinched the game and an NFC West division for the Cardinals.

2) The unbelievable interception against the Giants in the end zone.

He also had an uncanny ability to catch up to a receiver (or sometimes almost catch up) when he was beaten by four steps and you thought for sure it was going to be a touchdown for the other team.

Yes, he was burned a little too often, but I always had the feeling he would improve with experience.

Patrick Peterson has some pretty big (and speedy) shoes to fill … I hope’s up for the challenge.

Good luck, DRC.