Knock knock anybody home?


One of my favorite parts about the NFL preseason is watching episodes of Hard Knocks on HBO. It has been confirmed that the series has been canceled for 2011. Disappointing not to be able to watch the series this year, but understandable with the uncertainty surrounding the lockout. Nearly impossible for HBO to have reached an agreement with a team and have the crew in place with the quick turnaround that occurred after the lockout ended.

Hard Knocks is like the reality TV version of the NFL. Hard Knocks takes a detailed look at one NFL franchise through the process of coming to camp, making cuts and preparing for the regular season. This is a very dramatic time of year for NFL families and especially players aspiring to play in the NFL. So intriguing watching team management discuss players in the board room while also getting a glimpse at the personal lives of select players. As a viewer, you find yourself connected with a team that you didn’t know anything about when the series started.

Sounds like Hard Knocks will return in 2012 – which is good. Still disappointed that I don’t get to enjoy the 2011 edition. Maybe the HBO crew will consider following the Cards next year. That would be awesome! Flagstaff has to be one of the better campsites in the NFL.