Cardinals Schedule: Some Big Advantages

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1) The Cardinals first two games are against relatively weak teams — the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins — so the possibility of jumping out of the gate with a 2-0 record is strong. In a weak division, that’s a big advantage.

2) The Cardinals play what arguably are their two toughest games — against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens — after the bye week, giving them a little extra time to regroup and get ready for these tough matchups.

3) Three of their final four games — which most likely will decide who the division winner will be — are at home.

4) There are no games scheduled on Monday night or Thursday night, providing the Cardinals with an opportunity to develop a nice, consistent flow to their play.

Of course, these so-called advantages are all on paper, and the Cardinals still have to show up and play 16 games. We’ll see if the Cardinals can capitalize on what at least looks like a few gifts from the scheduling gods.