Cardinals Fan Predicts 9-7 Finish and Division Win


This is the time that the pundits and so-called football experts make predictions about the season. My son, Yosef Feldstein (who is an even bigger Cardinals fan than I am), was a recent guest on a podcast that is doing a preseason segment called 32 Fans in 32 Days. The two co-hosts have been interviewing one fan representative from each of the NFL teams to get their thoughts on their respective teams’ upcoming football season.

On the podcast, Yosef predicted a 9-7 finish for the Arizona Cardinals — and a divisional win. That’s not impossible, but it did surprise the interviewers, who thought the Cardinals would win only 7 games. Keep in mind this was recorded on Saturday night at the end of the preseason game against the San Diego Chargers, without knowing the extent of the Greg Toler injury, so the concerns about the Cardinals secondary that he had then seem even bleaker now than at the time of the interview.

You can listen to the entire interview here under episode 7; the Cardinals segment starts at the 24:10 mark of the podcast:

It is also available for free download on iTunes here:

How many games do you think the Cardinals are going to win this year?