Random Thoughts on the Cardinals-Broncos Game


Since I have the NFL Network on my cable service, I got a treat last night and was able watch the Cardinals game against the Broncos, which turned out to be a very one-sided affair in favor of the Cardinals. Here are some random thoughts:

1) The starting offensive line looked VERY good. They gave the Cardinals quarterbacks plenty of time to find receivers, opened up some nice holes for the running backs, and generally looked very much in sync. To me, this was the most important outcome of the game.

2) Richard Bartel has earned the right to be the team’s second-string QB, in my opinion. Watch the highlights, and you can see how well he stayed in the pocket and found a receiver on many plays (I think he has been watching Kurt Warner highlights). He also was on target with virtiually all of his passes (except for one bad throw tt was intercepted).

3) It’s going to be very tough to decide who to cut this weekend … several players on the cusp made a good case as to why they should stay on the team. We’ll see what the roster looks like for Game One.

4) We are very lucky to have Jay Feely on our team — he was automatic last night on field goals, and most of his kickoffs sailed well into the end zone.

This team looks very confident and ready to perform. Only 10 days until the Cardinals play for real … can’t wait!