Rams Injuries May be Cardinals Good Fortune


I hate when any professional NFL player goes down with an injury. However, injuries are part of the game — and if injuries are going to happen, I certainly hope they happen to the Cardinals division competitors as opposed to the Cardinals themselves.

The Rams are very banged up right now … Sam Bradford will play with an injured thumb and Stephen Jackson is questionable. This is good news for Cardinals fans. If the Cardinals can come away from the East Coast on Sunday with a victory, and the Rams lose again, we will have a nice two-game cushion over the favorite to win the NFC West. That’s certainly no guarantee that the Cardinals will win the division, but it does bring back memories of the year when the Cardinals got off to a great start, built a big lead on the other divisional teams, and had enough of a lead to get into the playoffs even with several losses at the end of the season.

It’s a very long season and too soon to predict anything — except to say that wins by the Cardinals and losses by the Rams are a good thing if you are a Cardinals fan!