The NFC West is What We Thought It Would Be


There are several surprises so far in the NFL: Cam Newton‘s two incredible games…the Buffalo Bills being 2-0…the Kansas City Chiefs looking like a cellar dweller.  And with only two games completed, it’s silly to make predictions about what the rest of the season will hold.  However, one thing seems clear: all that talk about the NFL West being a very weak division seems absolutely correct.  The Rams are beat up and don’t yet look like a playoff caliber team, the Niners seem to be falling into their pattern of late-game meltdowns, and the Seahawks look like a complete mess.

And the Cardinals?  Well, they’re certainly not an elite team, but with some improvements on their defense and more consistency on offense, there is no reason to believe that they cannot emerge as the NFL West division winner.  This division is ripe for the taking.  Will the Cardinals take advantage?