The St. Louis Rams May Be This Year’s San Francisco 49ers


Remember the San Francisco 49ers of 2010?  They were heavily favored to win the NFC West last year. Then they went 1-6 in their first seven games, and never were able to recover.

This year, the St. Louis Rams were also heavily favored to win the NFC West.  They are 0-3 right now, and play Washington, Green Bay, Dallas, and New Orleans in their next four games.

My strong guess is that they will be 1-6 after playing these games–maybe even 0-7–and similar to the Niners of last year, will be unable to recover from such a poor start.

The question is who will emerge from the rest of the pack and win the division: the Niners, the Seahawks, or the Cardinals?  And might it once again be with a losing record?