Six Observations About the Cardinals-Steelers Game

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2) Has anyone noticed the Cardinals have called no trick plays (double reverse or flea flickers or pooch kicks) this year?  This used to be a staple of Whisenhunt’s play calling.  Why not a trick play to shake things up a bit?  It can’t get any worse than what we’ve seen, in terms of the play calling.

3) Is anyone feeling that perhaps a better move at the start of the season might have been to keep DRC and sign Matt Hasselback (a steady, reliable quarterback), and not gambling on trying to sign the quarterback of the future.  With a banged up secondary and a still raw Patrick Peterson, we certainly could have used DRC’s experience this year.  I’m hoping Kolb will prove me wrong, but I’m getting more and more frustrated with him as the season progresses

4) If you are looking for some good news (and there isn’t a whole lot to report on), give some props to the defensive line.  They held the Steelers running backs in check, and pressured Roethlisberger all game.  It was poor play and stupid penalties by the secondary that did the Cardinals in, and accounted for Big Ben’s big game.

5) Mike Wallace is very, very fast.

6) I’m thinking that Beanie Wells will never play in more than eight games in a season.  For a guy who bounces off defenders when he is healthy, he certainly is injury prone.  It doesn’t make sense to me.