Arizona Cardinals Have Decision Between Skelton or Bartel if Kolb is Out


Turf toe sounds like an injury that shouldn’t keep a professional quarterback from playing.  However, the injury can often be more painful than it appears–and there’s a good chance that Kevin Kolb may not play this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

And that brings up the question as to which quarterback to start if Kolb’s injury prevents him from playing, John Skelton or Richard Bartel?

Most money would be on Skelton, who started several games last year for the Cardinals.  However, I’d give Bartel the nod.  He actually looked better than Skelton in his preseason outings, and I think he brings a dimension to the quarterback position that Skelton lacks.  If Bartel doesn’t perform well, you can always switch to Skelton midway through the game.

We’ll see who lines up behind the center at the start of the game come Sunday.