Nine Observations About the Cardinals-Rams Game

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3) Some positives about John Skelton: He did not throw any interceptions, and unlike Kolb, he stands firmly in the pocket, and steps forward when necessary.  That’s not to say that he is a better quarterback than Kolb, but it does beg the question as to whether the Cardinals made the right decision in signing Kolb to a multi-year deal.

4) Steven Jackson once again burned the Cardinals defense, this time with 131 yards.  The Cardinals rushing defense actually seemed to be improving in recent weeks (they held running backs in check nicely in the Steelers game and Ravens game), but they regressed in the Rams game.  Jackson definitely has the Cardinals number, and thrives when he plays against them.

5) It’s becoming more and more evident that losing Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston has hurt the ability of Larry Fitzgerald to be as effective as he was in past years.  I thought the new tight ends might be a help to Fitz in getting open more this year, but unfortunately, it hasn’t materialized that way.

6) I know Cardinals fans are excited about finally getting a win, and I’m excited about finally breaking the losing streak, too.  However, the truth is that beating a 1-6 team in overtime with a disgraceful offensive showing for 60 minutes is nothing to write home about.  Thankfully, the Cardinals were able to play 62 minutes and get the W.

7) What happened to the Cardinals running game? So much for a Rams team that was supposed to be vulnerable against the run. Not on Sunday.

8) There’s talk about occasionally using Patrick Peterson on offense.  I’m all for it.  Any weapon the Cardinals can insert into this lackluster offense can’t hurt.

9) Jay Feely has now made his last seven field goal attempts.  It’s nice to him back in the groove.