Arizona Cardinals Offensive Play Calling Has Improved Significantly

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In the Rams game, the Cardinals coaching staff knew that the Rams defense does not defend well against the run — and they gave Beanie the ball and he gained over 200 yards.

In the Dallas game, the Cowboys were keying on Larry Fitzgerald, and the Cardinals cleverly drew up some big plays for Andre Roberts, who had a terrific game.

In the game against the 49ers, the Cardinals effectively used a spread offense, with enough running plays to keep the Niners defense honest.  They also ran a neat shovel pass to LaRod StephensHowling, and it yielded some big yardage.  And the Cardinals also knew that the Niners were vulnerable to the big play, and they capitalized on three big pass plays, two of them for touchdowns.

Best of all, they are making halftime adjustments to correct first-half problems.

The Cardinals are making blocks on offense, avoiding the false starts and the stupid penalties that were so common in the early losses, and are clicking on almost all cylinders.  Yes, the defense has been lights-out the last few games — but let’s give credit to a well-coached offense, too.  They’re certainly no offensive powerhouse, but they seem to be doing all of the little things right — and it’s paying dividends with victories.