Should the Arizona Cardinals Sign a Free Agent Wide Receiver?


There seems to be some difference of opinion about whether the Arizona Cardinals should sign a high-profile wide receiver who is a free agent.

On the one hand, it could make Larry Fitzgerald that much more effective (as good as he has been the last two seasons, he has not been open nearly as much as when Anquan Boldin was lining up with him, when defenses had two major receiving weapons to deal with).

On the other hand, Andre Roberts has shown some flashes of real talent, and Early Doucet could be re-signed for a very reasonable amount of money. Maybe the Cardinals should put their free agent dollars towards other positions.

I think I’m in favor of the Cardinals not signing a high profile receiver like Vincent Jackson, Mario Manningham, or Wes Welker — and I would not be upset if the Cardinals forego signing a free agent wide receiver.
However, there is a receiver out there who doesn’t get a lot of press and who will be available–and I’d love to see him in a red Cardinals jersey next year.

His name is Pierre Garcon, and I have been very impressed with him since he was a rookie for the Indianapolis Colts.

He has improved every year in his three-year NFL career…and I think his best years are ahead of him.

He is averaging a very solid 13.4 yards per catch. Last year he caught 70 passes, more than what he did in his first two seasons when Peyton Manning was throwing to him.

He is small (6 foot), but has a real knack for the ball when it’s thrown his way. And he has rarely missed a game because of injury.

Because there are so many other high profile free agents out there, I think he might be overshadowed — and could be signed to a long term deal that will pay in spades for the Cardinals.