Should the Arizona Cardinals Bring Back Dave Zastudil?

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Zastudil had a better than average season for the Cardinals.  He wasn’t spectatcular, but his average punt was a respectable 45.2 yards.  He landed 24 of his 87 punts inside the 20-yard line, and the hang time on his punts was much better than the time of his predecessor, Ben Graham.  None of his punts were blocked, and when the Cardinals needed a long kick, he was able to drill one down the field, with many of his punts reaching more than 50 or even 60 yards.

While finding another good punter is not a huge assignment if they do decide to let him go, I’m not sure the Cardinals can do much better than Zastudil.  I think it makes sense to bring him back.  And while a good punter is an important asset for any team that wants to make the playoffs and advance (Ben Graham was a huge part of the Cardinals march to the Super Bowl), I’m hoping that we’ll see a lot less of Zastudil and a lot more of Feely this coming year!