Cardinals Are Just About Ready: What a Difference a Year Makes!


Last year at this time, NFL players and owners were still haggling over an agreement, and free agent signings and practices were non-existent because of the lockout.

What a difference a year makes!

With the recent signings of Michael Floyd and Vonnie Holiday, the Cardinals are just about set to start training camp and pre-season — so they can figure out what their final opening-day roster will look like.

Will Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells be healthy enough to both start the season strong?  Will Kevin Kolb emerge as the clear favorite to start as quarterback, or will John Skelton make a case to replace him?  Who will be the Cardinals starters on the defensive side?

There are lots of questions that will be answered in the next couple of months.  Training camp starts in about a month.  And unlike last year, the answers will emerge gradually, and not be forced because of a lockout.   Stay tuned…