Do the Arizona Cardinals Need an Entire Offensive Overhaul?

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Every offensive player and position then needs to be evaluated (except Larry Fitzgerald and Rob Housler), and contracts need to be looked at to see who should be kept, let go, traded perhaps for draft picks (if they have trade value).  I realize that contracts, free agent flexibility, cap issues, and the draft make it impossible to do an entire overhaul, but the Cardinals need an entire fresh start on offense.

Start with the offensive line and build from there.  Every successful team that does well in the playoffs always has a better than average offensive line.  Next is quarterback.  Then receivers and running backs.

I have always been a proponent of using the draft to obtain high quality defensive players.  But this coming draft has to be an exception, as the Cardinals must focus their needs on offense.

The season has been a disaster.  There’s a good chance the Cardinals will lose their next four games and end the season at 4-12 after being 4-0. (I am still trying to figure out how they won those first four games … was Kevin Kolb really the difference?)

It’s sad to say, but the time has come to blow up the offensive unit and start from scratch.  The Super Bowl appearance seems like a distant memory.  And unless dramatic moves are made, it’s going to be a long time before the Cardinals are anywhere close to a playoff appearance, let alone a Super Bowl victory.