Arizona Cardinals: Who is Harold Goodwin?


Dec 16, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Indianapolis Colts offensive line coach Harold Goodwin coaches against the Houston Texans before the game at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports
Harold Goodwin first coached with Bruce Arians in Pitsburgh during the 2007 season. While in Pittsburgh he was the quality control coach for the offensive line, where he impressed enough to have Arians move him to Indianapolis as the offensive line coach last year.

Goodwin has never been an offensive coordinator, his main focus has always been the offensive line. In most cases his hire would seem forced and bad decision making. But, with Arians as head coach, the Cardinals do not need a prototypical offensive coordinator.

Arians will have full control of the offense and most likely call the plays during the game. This will leave Goodwin with the task of helping out with the game plan and doing what he did so well in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis, coach the offensive line.

Each position coach will be very important to the offense’s development. Without good tutelage in those areas Goodwin will not be able to make as big of an impact on the team. Goodwin’s lack of experience as a coordinator does not rest easy with me after the Cardinals horrible season last year.

However, his knowledge of the offensive line is a huge asset for the team. Last year the Cardinals’ line could not block anything. With a new running back, quarterback and offensive scheme it is imperative that the line be stable and dependable this year if the Cardinals want to have any success this year.

With Arians controlling the game plans and offensive scheme, Goodwin will be his most important contributor. Hopefully after a seasons work Goodwin learns enough to take over play calling. This would allow Arians to focus more on the team as a whole and make his job as head coach more effective.

Overall, Goodwin should be able to improve the offensive line this season. Which in turn will create a much more reliable offense and give the team a better chance to win. Unfortunately he does not have the experience to run the offense yet, but it will be interesting to see him grow under Arians teaching.