Will D.C. Jefferson Make the Roster?


DC Jefferson is a young tight end prospect out of Rutgers University.  He was drafted in the 7th round of the 2013 NFL draft. He poses the size at 6’6 255 punds to make a difference in a weak tight end core for the Arizona Cardinals. At school he tallied 47 receptions in 43 career starts.  That is not really a stat line of a great pass catching tight end.  But with Rob Housler due to break out in the high flying Bruce Arians offense Jefferson finds him self in a good place.  

Bruce Arians is a coach that likes to use multiple two tight end sets.  Generally one tight end is a pass catcher the other a good blocker weather it be run or pass blocking.  According to NFL.com Jefferson “is a willing blocker on the edge who is capable of bringing force out of his stance and attempts to sustain throughout the play”.  Blocking in the NFL is all about will and want.  If Jefferson can continue to hone in his tight in skills and work on his technique he has a good chance to make the roster. NFL.com went on to state “Use of leverage and hands in his blocking are not elite, and better defenders can slip off his attempts. Lacks explosion from his stance”.  These things can get better with practice and work in the weight room.

Rob Housler, Jeff King and Jim Dray were all on the Cardinals roster in Whisenhunt’s last season as head coach.  Jeff King played well in a blocking role at tight end for the Cardinals last season but Jim Dray was not really successful, so Jefferson has a good chance to be the third tight end on the roster.

It would be good for Jefferson to spend as much time with Larry Fitzgerald as he can if he wants to get better at catching passes and running routes.  Everything he does off field in terms of his diet and conditioning is going to pay huge dividends from Jefferson.  Being drafted in the seventh round is an opportunity to showcase what other teams missed out on.