3 Arizona Cardinals You Should Avoid in Fantasy Football


With football season fast approaching, fantasy football will be in full swing.  New Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is sure to allow Carson Palmer to throw the ball downfield in the new offense there should be guys he fourish for the Fantasy football guys and gals.  But who should be avoided?  Not all players will feast in the new offense here is a look at three you may want to stay away from.

Rashard Mendenhall:  Coming off a major surgery and appearing in only six games last season, Mendenhall could be a little rusty.  Although he played in an Arians-orchestrated offense and was productive, word has been he was brought in mainly for his pass blocking skill, and has been showing that he can excel in just that.  Knowing that this a pass-first league, Mendenhall may not get the touches he needs to make him a fantasy all star.  Now he can be used in goal line situations, but you never know he could be due for 1000+ yard season.  Could be a good deal as a mid to late fourth round pick.

Jeff King:  Arians plans to insert a wealth of two-tight end sets, and as it stands right now, Jeff King and Rob Housler look slotted to get the bulk of the time.  Although king had a decent year catching the ball,do not expect fireworks on the Fantasy Football side, he is mainly used for his blocking but tends to leak out and catch a pass every now and then, do not waste time picking this tight end.

Any WR after Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts:  This is no doubt going to be a high flying offense but do not expect to see guys lower on the depth chart to get to much playing time, barring any injury. Palmer will have a wealth of weapons at his disposal so do not get sucked into grabbing anyone other than these three guys.