Round Table: Who is the Greatest Arizona Cardinal of All Time?


Jun. 11, 2013; Glendale, AZ, USA: Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald reacts during mini camp at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals don’t exactly have the NFL’s best history, but they have had some proud moments.

And, they have had some great players. The Cardinals still boast some good players, as Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson, Calais Campbell, Darnell Dockett and others reside in Arizona. Other great players have played for the Cardinals, including Kurt Warner, Pat Tillman and others.

Who did our staff decide on as the best Cardinal in the NFL? Here are some answers.

Matthew Gay

This is a huge title and many players are worthy of the title. I’m giving it to Pat Tilman. He wasn’t a high draft pick and in turn wasn’t given his position. He was taken because he was a “football player”. Not only did he perform well on the field but he showed loyalty to the team who gave him an honest shot and declined to leave Arizona twice.

He was a huge contributor on and off the field doing uncountable acts of kindness. He gave up his loyalty to Arizona for the greater good, his country and himself. He became a celebrity off the field by giving his life in the fight against terrorism and showing frauds in the military system.

His death was not in vain as there are new training models in the military to keep more men/women alive. Everything he did was the for the greater good of the team, himself, country and others.

Cyle Gill

When it comes to the greatest Cardinal of all time, names like Roy Green, Dick “Night Train” Lane, and Jackie Smith comes to mind. While all of these guys are good players, they aren’t in the greatest category.

You’ve got players like, Dan Dierdorf who can be considered the Cardinals’ greatest offensive lineman, Simeon Rice, who no one wanted to be lined up acrossed from due to him being so dominate, and Aeneas Williams, who would of been the best corner in the league if it wasn’t for Dion Sanders. These guys are up there on the list but aren’t the greatest.

The greatest Cardinal of all time, hands down, is Jim Thorpe.

Thorpe, an Olympic gold metal winner in pentathion and decathlon. He also played pro baseball, basketball, and was great at any other sport he played just for fun, an all around natural athlete.

He helped start the APFA (American Professional Football Association), later became the National Football League and was it’s first president. At the time he was the highest paid player and is the precursor and prototype of modern day football.

Thorpe is a hall of famer in pro football, college football, American Olympic Team, and the National Track and Field Competition. On April 16th, 1973, President Nixon proclaimed that day, Jim Thorpe Day.

The New York Times said, “His memory should be kept for what it deserves-that of the greatest athlete of our time”. The statue that stands in front of the entrance of the Pro Football Hall of Fame is that of Thorpe.

When it comes down to it, even though he never won a championship with the Cardinals, no one can compare with what Jim Thorpe has done for the league, on and off the field. No one is a greater Cardinal, not even Kurt Warner.

Baily Deeter

Larry Fitzgerald has to take the cake here. He dominated in the 2008 playoffs, and his NFC Championship performance was incredible. His clutch performance and heroics carried the Cardinals, and his consistency has been remarkable.