Arizona Cardinals: What Was the Best Move They Made This Year?


Jan. 18, 2013; Tempe, AZ, USA; From left Arizona Cardinals president Michael Bidwill , head coach Bruce Arians , Christine Arians , chairman William Bidwill and general manager Steve Keim pose for a photo during a press conference at the Arizona Cardinals Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

What was the best move for the Arizona Cardinals this year? On the surface this would seem like an easy question to answer, if you are an avid Arizona Cardinals fan.   It would seem as though the easy answer would be Carson Palmer, because Cardinals fans now know how important it is to have a franchise quarterback at the helm.

Cardinals fans finally were able to see what a franchise quarterback can do for a franchise. They saw how a QB can change the fortunes of a franchise. Redbird fans saw how a franchise QB can make everyone in the organization look like geniuses.

They’ve seen how a great quarterback can mask or make a mediocre offensive line look almost serviceable.

So on the surface, the easy answer would be by bringing Carson Palmer into the fold; as it is extremely easy for fans to envision the second coming of Kurt Warner in Carson Palmer.

However, the second coming of Warner has not been answered yet. There has not been a season with Palmer yet to see if he is the second coming of Warner; or should I say, it remains to be seen whether Palmer is the answer at the most coveted position on the football field. So I am not ready to give the best move for the Cardinals too Palmer just yet. Let’s see how all this plays out first before we all crown him as the best move.

Therefore, I believe the crown for the best move this year starts at the top. In other words, without a season to see how it all plays out on the football field, we cannot yet give the crown to Palmer. For that matter, in my opinion we cannot yet give the award to anyone on the field.

After all, this is not an MVP award, because there has not been any action on the field this year just yet. To me, the award for the best move for the Cardinals this year belongs at the very top.  So I will go off the radar a little bit for my answer.

No it is not Bruce Arians. As he very well could be a very good choice for the award.  After all without Arians, Palmer more than likely would not be a Cardinal.

No it is not the new first year general manager Steve Keim; as he also would seem to be a great choice to hold the (crown) best move award.  After all, he was the one that lead the way in bringing in Bruce Arians and without Arians, Palmer probably would not be in the fold.

For now, the crown for the best move award must be the true quarterback of the organization.   He is the true ring leader of the organization. In my opinion the award must (for now) belong to non-other than Michael Bidwill.

Yes I hear the rumblings. “How can you choose him, he is the owner of the Cardinals”. Or, “he was not a new acquisition to the organization, he is the owner, he is the one that brought in Steve Keim, Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer.” “He is the one that signs the paychecks but he cannot be included in this argument, this argument needs to belong to someone who was a new acquisition this year.”

However, this is precisely why I decided to give him the award. The best move award belongs to the man who brought in all these terrific moves.  To me, he is the reason for these seemingly great moves.  Without him, (in my opinion) this organization perhaps would not be where it is today.

I truly believe, which really needs more attention, since Michael Bidwill has taken over the reins (from his father Bill) has done an incredible job at changing the fortunes of the organization. I truly believe he should start being recognized as the man of the hour so to speak.

Since he has taken over the reins of the franchise from his father Bill Bidwill, he has truly changed the fortunes of the club.  After-all he was the ring leader in getting the new stadium built. He was the ring leader in putting together the organizing during their Super Bowl run. He has been the ring leader in bringing in all the great talent for the last decade.

Furthermore, Michael Bidwill has been the ring leader in why there have been sellout crowds for every game since the move to University of Phoenix stadium. Last, he is the reason for all the great moves during this current offseason.

But please do not misunderstand me; much appreciation must go to his father Bill Bidwill.  After all, he is the man who brought us the Cardinals to Arizona.  Not to mention, we really do not know how much he is actually involved in helping Michael behind the scenes.

So in my opinion, it is long over do that we (Cardinal fans) start recognizing the incredible job Michael has done (and has been doing) for the Arizona Cardinals.

Since taking over the day to day operations of the franchise, he has changed the (culture) fortunes of the team. He has put the team on the map so to speak. Cardinal fans are now becoming proud of their home town team. Because of this man, the Cardinals are becoming respected throughout the league (the NFL).

Therefore, the best move this year belongs to the man that has made all the great moves.  To me Michael Bidwill is the man of the hour.  So let’s all start appreciating the man who is in charge of making all these moves.  After all, it all starts from the top.