Which UDFA Has a Chance to Make the 53 Man Roster?


I do not know much about the undrafted rookie class coming to the Arizona Cardinals but I can tell you one I am familiar with.  Dan Buckner of the Arizona Wildcats. He is a big wide receiver at 6’4 215lbs and has some really good athleticism and leaping ability.  He is not the fasted guy out there but he does come from a offense that is all about the pass.

Rich Rodriguez is known for his spread offense and he was the the head coach for the University of Arizona Wildcats last year.  Lets just say he knows how to spread the ball around. Bruckner registered 61 catches totaling 773 yards to go along with five touchdowns.  Not bad for a team with the nations leading rusher. He is a strong wide receiver as well. He would be able to hold his own on the line of scrimmage and coming from an offense that did its fair share of running could be decent in run blocking from a slot position.

The reason I mention Bruckner is because the seriousness of the neck injury to La Ron Byrd.  Similar in stature and maybe slightly less athletic, Bruckner could come in and seize the moment should Byrd not be healthy enough to compete.  Not too mention Ryan Swope may be a done deal as well.  So there is a glimmer of opportunity for Dan Bruckner.  It will be up to him on how he does, Arians runs a tight practice.  The best thing about it, is he runs on two practice fields so Bruckner should get some time to make some plays.  As the Arizona Wildcats would say, it is time for Bruckner to “Bear Down” if he wants a spot on the roster.